Pilkington: Clear insights into Sales Planning & Logistics

We take a look at how Pilkington adopted a new sales planning & logistics system


Glass is a multifaceted material: Among other things, it can be used for solar control, thermal insulation and soundproofing. It comes in many different types: thick or thin, large or small, clear or colored, single or multilayered and as low iron glass.

Having to deal with such a variety of different products and product categories makes sales and production planning quite complex. Logistics planning constitutes an additional challenge, as the produced goods have to be shipped to the customer as fast as possible. Pilkington Deutschland AG, part of NSG Group, was aware that its Excel-based planning process had reached its limits some time ago.

Therefore, they were comparing the offerings of different Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) providers to find a new solution. prevero turned out to be the best fit.


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