An Insider's Guide To Webinars

The number of companies hosting and sponsoring webinars/virtual events/webcasts has risen significantly in recent years, particularly among Saas organizations. Webinars in their very essence generate highly engaged leads without the air-miles. However, simply hosting a webinar will not guarantee a high return, a lot goes into achieving the greatest impact and delivering the maximum results. 

Joining us for the webinar is our Kirsty Donovan Head of Demand Generation and webinar marketing executive Georgina FitzGerald who have worked with 100's of clients to produce high engagement, low effort webinars.  

During this 30 minute session, you will gain an insight into creating both noise and awareness around a webinar, how you can pull together the ultimate speaker lineup as well as how and what they should present, how to respond to interactive polls and questions and what is the most effective way to follow up post webinar.

About the Speakers

Kirsty Donovan

Head of Demand Generation

Innovation Enterprise

Kirsty Donovan's LinkedIn pageKirsty Donovan's Twitter page

Georgina FitzGerald

Digital Marketing Manager

Innovation Enterprise

Georgina FitzGerald's LinkedIn pageGeorgina FitzGerald's Twitter page

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