Corporate Gambling – The Casino of Product Investments

The decision to invest in new products is critical in most industries, and is a key area where finance professionals add value. This presentation will explore that decision point, offering insight into the pharma industry whilst drawing parallels with other industries, including automotive, retail banking and the tech sector.

Areas explored will include:

The financial lifecycle of pharma product investments versus those of other industries

Decisions in retrospect – past case studies of winners and losers

Corporate gambling – the odds, the variability of outcomes, and the role of finance professionals in shaping investment strategy

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Robin Owen
Director, Finance

Robin Owen is a Finance Director at AstraZeneca, one of the worlds top ten pharmaceutical companies. He is responsible for the financial decisions and control in the late stage development of cancer and infections medicines. Prior to this role, he has partnered both AstraZeneca’s global IT and outsourced manufacturing functions.

Before joining AstraZeneca in 2010, Robin has worked across a diverse range of industries, including management consultancy, retail banking and automotive. He has a passion for getting close to the business areas he works in, and being an integral member of cross-functional teams.

Robin is a prize-winning ACMA qualified accountant, and holds a BA Economics from the University of Sheffield. 

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