Chief Strategy Officer, Issue 15

Where we look at future business trends and Amazon's recruitment process


Welcome to the 15th edition of the Chief Strategy Officer magazine.

On the back of our workplace diversity focus in April’s edition of CSO, we’ve included a rundown of who we feel are the world’s top four female CEOs. The list includes individuals who are not only recognized as leaders of their respective companies, but also for their wider industry influence by prestigious publications like ‘Time’ and ‘Fortune’.

Amazon has over 150,000 employees, with every single individual hand-picked to make sure that the online-retailer has the capacity to maintain its position as the market’s dominant force. We take a look at the hurdles Jeff Bezos insists upon in order to find the perfect candidate.

This edition will discuss future business trends, focusing on the impact of digital technology on recruitment, supply chains and collaboration.

In keeping with the international spread of the CSO role, Max Bowen looks at the developing digital scene in Australia and how the country is currently in the midst of a transformation. Do you use the words strategy and tactics interchangeably? We look at why there’s a marked difference between the two, and why this differientiation is key for organizational success.

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Simon Barton

Managing Editor

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