Leverage Excel. Avoid The Pitfalls.

How To Embrace And Extend Excel For Enterprise Planning


The Excel spreadsheet dominates the modern business planning landscape. 

Throughout all levels of an organization, those responsible for any aspect of planning interact with spreadsheets, and the average finance professional spends at least 25% of their time maintaining them. Their appeal is understandable: they provide an environment that every finance professional understands and the familiarity, syntax and flexible modeling that are simply not possible with packaged applications.

'Axiom Software offers the Excel integration robust performance management functionality that larger organizations demand'. 

The unified platform extends the capabilities of Excel by leveraging familiar Excel business modeling, not complicated script logic - to support both finance professionals and business users. It is designed to capitalize on existing investments in and knowledge of Excel by transforming spreadsheets into a highly scalable enterprise-grade application suite.

Download this eBook 'Leverage Excel. Avoid The Pitfalls.' and discover: 

  • Why organizations struggle with standalone spreadsheets
  • The benefits of an integrated enterprise performance management solutions
  • Flexible budgeting and planning solution
  • Robust reporting to support decision making 
  • Industry-specific solutions - all within a single unified performance management platform
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