Om Marwah

Cognitive Scientist

Walmart Labs

Om Marwah is a cognitive scientist and geographer at Walmart's retail innovation lab. He studies how the systems of the mind interact with one's social and cultural environment to produce behavior. He applies this expertise to massive retail data sets and a plethora of other novel data types like twitter, census, and weather data. Om's work has reinvented how data can be applied to create a personalized online experience. He drives everything from product recommendations to breakthrough online marketing programs. Om sits on a team of PhD data scientists as the only psychologist/geographer. His interdisciplinary methods are defining the next generation of e-commerce and retail for up to a billion customers by bridging the offline and online experience. Om has keynoted conferences in analytics, marketing, the internet of things, and spoken on panels alongside CMO's of the world’s largest companies. He is sought after globally as a speaker for his approach, how groups can maximize opportunities in the big data space, and what the future holds for various industries. He has spoken to organizations like the Brunswick Group, industries like Market Research, and guest lectures at UCLA. At the beginning of this year, Forbes magazine named Om to their 30 Under 30 List in Enterprise Technology.