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Assad M Shaik

Chief Data Scientist


Assad M Shaik's LinkedIn page
Assad M. Shaik is a well-known Chief Data Scientist with international repute for his expertise in the areas of large scale data processing, data management and data mining. Mr. Shaik is acclaimed and well respected in the emerging areas of Big Data and large scale Machine Learning, especially in fields of Customer centricity, Anti-Money Laundering, BCBS239 and Customer Lifetime Value. As a practitioner with extensive industry expertise in Banking and Financial Markets, Mr. Shaik currently holds a critical position of essential capacity in a large national bank with a distinguished reputation. He has also formerly served in other executive positions at large multinationals. Mr.Shaik is also a prolific author and speaker in the field of data science and data mining. He has authored books and has original publications in cutting edge industry techniques in the areas of Master Data Management and Customer Journeys.