The Best Online Business Tools for Remote Work

Tools for remote work can help improve at-home productivity and allow a professional to stay organized.


With the right tools, you can take your offline business online. To help you get started, we’re sharing the remote business tools you absolutely have to have in order to keep your business going, even during a pandemic.

Getting Started

If the majority of your business is offline or in a face-to-face environment, you need to make sure you have the infrastructure in place to facilitate online operations and communication, both with your team and your customers.

Reliable Computers and High-Speed Internet Connection

With most of your business happening at the office, you may not think too much about your home computer. But if you’re constantly dealing with your computer locking up, freezing, or taking forever to perform basic work functions. you’ll want to update to something a bit more functional and up-to-date.

Also, you’ll want to make sure your internet connection is solid. To boost your connection’s reliability and speed, try these steps:

  • Make sure your router is centrally located or you have a signal extender to make sure you’re connected no matter where your home office is located.
  • Minimize device usage while you’re working. If several devices are online at once, it can slow your speed.
  • Upgrade your internet plan if necessary to a faster speed.

Online Phone System with Mobile App and Video Conferencing

Even though you and your team are apart, that doesn’t mean you all can’t get together for meetings or that you can’t sit down with clients face-to-face. Set up an online phone and video conferencing system, like 8×8 or Zoom, as these offer mobile accessibility and screen sharing. This way everyone can connect no matter where they are and be a part of the conversation.

Online Chatting Tool to Maintain Communications

The most challenging part of setting up your business online is making sure you have communication lines open between your team members. To make it easier for your team members to reach each other, there are several online tools you should add to your arsenal, like Slack.

Collaborative Calendar App

Another challenge of being distanced from your team and clients is scheduling meetings (via video conferencing, of course). With a cloud-based calendar you can share with others, you can put meetings on your team members’ calendars, your clients can block out times for consultations and appointments, and everyone involved knows what’s going on. This eliminates miscommunication of appointments as well as double-booking meetings.

Project Management Tools

Having project management software improves communication, accountability, and organization when it comes to your team getting projects and tasks done.

Some of the most popular project management tools are Basecamp, Trello, Asana, Monday, or Teamwork.

Online File and Document Storage

With cloud-based document management, you and your team can create documents and upload files and access them through your browser. Employees can edit information, leave comments, and collaborate from across the world. You can also update sharing settings to provide customers or vendors with access to documents and files. With real-time, visible edits, you never have to worry about emailing someone an out-of-date Word document. Google Docs, Microsoft 365, and Dropbox are all popular, affordable options.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With your team working remotely, it’s easy to lose client details, forget to follow up on a lead, or not share key information with the entire team. Having an easy-to-use customer relationship management tool (CRM) in place, like HubSpot, allows you to share customer information, follow up on leads, track communications, and build relationships with your clients all from one platform. Most CRMs include:

  • Client contact management
  • Lead management to know where every lead is in your sales pipeline or funnel
  • Sales forecasting
  • Sales reports and dashboards
  • Lead source analytics
  • Employee instant messaging and communications
  • Email syncing
  • File and content uploads

Plus, modern CRMs allow you to integrate your marketing automation so all your client details are in one place.

Online Proposal and Agreement Builder

We recommend setting up an online proposal building tool with digital signature capabilities. Some of the tools provide advanced analytics and alert your sales rep when a prospect reviewing their paperwork.

A modern agreement builder tool can be connected to your CRM and capable of processing online payments. We recommend Panda Doc and Proposify. Both connect with HubSpot and can automate your internal contract approval and sales process.

Online Bookkeeping and Billing

Even with much of your operations down, you still have expenses accruing to keep track of — payroll, rent for your office, etc. — that you need to record. And if you are still able to provide services or accept payment for services scheduled in the future, you need to be able to send invoices. Now is a great time to make the shift to cloud-based bookkeeping that includes the ability to send invoices that include a “Pay Now” button so clients can just pay via credit card.

QuickBooks Online is one of the most popular solutions because you can pay bills, submit payroll, and keep up with tax information all in one place as well as keep up your records and send invoices.

An Amazing Lead Generation Website or Store

Now that more of your operations are online, more people will be visiting your website to gain information or to contact you. An outdated, sluggish site that’s hard to navigate and impossible for you to update is going to make online operations more challenging. Instead, consider making the shift to a content management system, like a WordPress website. WordPress makes it easy to update your website to keep your clients informed about any changes happening within your company while adding visual appeal through images, video, and clean navigation.

Reliable Email Hosting

Having a good online email provider that allows you to stay in touch from anywhere, integrates with your CRM and project management systems, and filters out spam.

Online Fax Tools

While faxing is not a common method of communication anymore, there are times it’s still necessary, such as with legal or financial documents. Basically, any document you can send in an email, like Word documents and PDFs, can be sent to a fax machine. Typically, you would log into an account through eFax or a similar platform, enter the fax number and recipient, type in a message to use as a cover sheet, attach your documents, then send it. It will print out just like a normal fax will.

Use Your Time Wisely

Working from home is a great opportunity to increase online operations that will save time, automate processes, improve productivity, and allow you to spend more time on things that matter.


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