10 reasons why data professionals need to be at DATAx San Francisco

DATAx makes its San Francisco debut this May – here are 10 reasons why you don't want to miss this ground-breaking event


It's 2019 and the integration of AI and machine learning (ML) into every facet of society is accelerating at a startling pace. As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, more and more companies are finding that these technologies are no longer simply a novelty, but downright essential to the continued existence of their enterprise. As Kai Fu Lee, ex-president of Google Asia, put it, "we are not in the age of discovery; we're in the age of implementation".

In response to these ever-evolving challenges faced by every industry, DATAx has emerged to help business leaders and data professionals implement data science in the real world. And that's why we are bringing together leaders from across the data-sphere under one roof for a two-day data extravaganza this May, and for the first time it's coming to the beating heart of US technological innovation: San Francisco.

So, in the lead up to the event taking place in San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel on May 14–15, 2019, we present to you 10 reasons why DATAx San Francisco will be utterly unmissable.

The industry's biggest brands

In order to be the best, you need to learn from the best. So, to help you do just that, DATAx has assembled speakers from the biggest and most disruptive brands to share technical and strategic insights into how they are getting results from implementing AI and ML.

Hear from heads of AI and data science from brands such as Google, Amazon, Uber, Target, Facebook, IBM, Pfizer, Activision, Strava, DoorDash, Bloomberg, Blizzard, NBC and Airbnb to name but a few.

Machine Learning Innovation Summit

The keynote at the center of DATAx San Francisco, the Machine Learning Innovation Summit will go deep into technical case studies from businesses successfully implementing deep learning, natural language processing and other forms of ML models.

Expect in-depth, technical presentations from data scientists who are pushing the boundaries of the ML field.

Key speakers in attendance include:

  • Hinge ML lead Shanshan Ding, presenting: Building an online dating recommender system: lessons learned in practicality
  • Planet engineering manager – ML Jesus Martinez-Manso, presenting: Computer vision from space
  • Bloomberg director of engineering Dhaval Shah, presenting: How Bloomberg Media uses Artificial Intelligence
  • Wells Fargo VP – head of enterprise advanced analytics Himanshu Baral, presenting: Leading digital transformation and insight-driven culture through innovations in enterprise advanced analytics lab
  • Facebook machine learning tech lead Zheqing Zhu and Uber senior data scientist Tal Ben Yakar participating in a panel session entitled: Bridging the data skills gap and preparing for the future

"DATAx stands in a unique place – industry-focused yet academic, emphasizing real-world solutions while eschewing advertising pitches. The organizers curate a great mix of topics, from novel applications of ML to the musings of industry leaders on the future of data science education."

Francesca Lazzeri, senior ML scientist at Microsoft

DATAx Leadership Summit

The DATAx Leadership Summit will bring together senior data executives for high-level networking and provide delegates with a strategic overview of the challenges and opportunities present within the evolving data landscape.

Interactive roundtable discussions will cover important topics such as setting a vision for business transformation, change management and stakeholder engagement, and how to find and retain talent.

Some of the exciting speakers at this bespoke, high-level event include:

  • Google director – product management Evren Eryurek, presenting: Generating real value from real time analytics
  • Reddit director of data science and engineering Lin Huang, presenting: From ML insights to experiment-backed data products
  • Pfizer senior manager data analyst lead Marc Voorhees, presenting: Building a data-driven organization in three easy steps and 1,645,242 less easy ones
  • NBC Universal product director Jennifer Shin, presenting: Data strategy: Past and future application and implications

DATAx Tech Launchpad

AI-related startup funding jumped 72% in 2018, with most US funding concentrated in California.
CB Insights

Following its resounding success at DATAx New York, the DATAx Tech Launchpad will be coming to San Francisco this May, featuring pioneering startups from the Bay Area who will be showcasing their cutting-edge tech and innovations.

Startups from across the data spectrum will be on hand to share the latest ideas out there with delegates who will be able to build a constructive dialogue with the featured startups – some of whom may be able help you within your own enterprise.

DATAx San Francisco will also feature a Shark Tank session with 12 of the most exciting and innovative early-stage startups from the healthcare, marketing and ML industry. More than 200 applications to speak have already been received by the DATAx team, and if you want to get involved, click here.

Connecting VCs and startups

DATAx San Francisco will connect the AI investment ecosystem, bringing together venture capitalists (VC) with up-and-coming startups and delegates, and enabling delegates to connect in one-to-one networking sessions, 'fast pitches' and DATAx's brand new smart-networking app.

DATAx Labs

A brand-new addition to DATAx coming to San Francisco this May will be the introduction of DATAx Labs. These in-depth, 90-minute workshops will provide delegates with the chance to discuss and explore various common challenges faced by data professionals.

Delegates can sign up to a series of workshops including:

  • AI in Retail, in partnership with IBM
  • Democratization of AI
  • Women and diversity in data science

Each of these collaborative sessions will aim to arrive at a series of best practices that will be packaged as takeaways for wider distribution following the event.

To get involved in this exciting opportunity, delegates must register their interest in one of the workshops ahead of the event (each delegate can register for a maximum of three sessions). Click here to see what workshops are available and to register your interest.

AI in Healthcare Summit

By 2021, the AI in healthcare market is expected to become a $6.6bn industry, according to GlobalData Healthcare forecasts, and it is fast becoming one of the most essential arenas for AI innovation. The fusing of life sciences with cutting-edge technology is leading to advances in robotics to wearables and everything in between as the AI healthcare sector evolves into one of the world's most exciting industries.

DATAx will be taking a deep dive into some of the most inspiring AI breakthroughs resonating throughout the industry, crucial to all stakeholders involved in the care of patients, from doctors to data scientists.

Some of the unmissable individuals speaking the event about their involvement in this mass-scale revolution include:

  • Bristol Myers Squibb head – business analytics and insights – R&D Marissa Co
  • Roche head of data science James Cai
  • Boehringer Ingelheim head of health informatics and analytics Victoria Gamerman
  • Pfizer senior director – real world data and analytics Vitalii Doban

"DATAx is an excellent platform for networking and the cross fertilization of ideas in data science and AI. It is a great event with a broad representation of speakers from multiple industries suitable for wide spectrum of audience from technical to management perspectives."

Sean Lam, head of data science at Singhealth

AI in Marketing Summit

The implementation of AI to help better harness the droves of data firms now hold has become integral to some of the world's biggest brands. And as these businesses continue to develop a greater understanding of their customers, increasingly sparking potential for more personalized, better experiences for their audience, they are witnessing much higher revenues at much lower costs.

DATAx will be playing host to a number of leading marketing professionals who will be sharing their stories about how they used AI and ML to increase their market share and insights into how this technology considerably enhanced their ROIs.

Some of the highlights of this critical event for any marketing leader include:

  • Epsilon strategy director Amy Bishop, presenting: Marketing in 2020: Demystifying smart assistants & AI
  • Uber director – data science Franziska Bell, presenting: Talking to bots is the new normal: Real-world applications of chat technology combined with AI and ML
  • Pinterest lead of product analytics and data science Romit Jadhwani, presenting: How Pinterest is enhancing the customer lifetime value
  • Expensify director of product and customer experience Jason Mills, presenting: Getting personal with customers: Optimizing your omnichannel strategy using AI

Gaming Analytics Summit

The gaming industry enjoyed a colossal global spend of $137.9bn in 2018, according to Newzoo, as more 2.3 billion gamers immersed themselves into a host of different games across a multitude of platforms, from consoles to mobile. All this gaming is producing unimaginable quantities of high-quality data, which is used to enhance player experiences, and retain and monetize customers.

The Gaming Analytics Summit is the world's leading conference dedicated to gaming analytics and will be showcasing precisely how the leading players in the industry are using AI to change the game altogether.

Some of the most exciting industry names on the floor will include:

  • Warner Bros Games director – analytics Matt Howell, presenting: Working cross-functionally to bridge the gap between creative and analytical teams
  • Blizzard Entertainment senior data scientist Tian Ding, presenting: Hearthstone meta-analysis
  • Toca Boca senior manager analytics, growth lead Nar Parisawan, presenting: How simple analysis can have a substantial impact on helping a company become more data-driven
  • Niantic product manager Lily Shen, presenting: Turning around a product with effective analytics

San Francisco

For two days immersed in the most innovative tech in data science, there is no better place to be than in the bustling heart of San Francisco. With its perfect spot near SoMa and Union Square and easy access to the city's biggest attractions, the prestigious San Francisco Marriott Marquis Hotel will be hosting this year's DATAx San Francisco.

To have the chance to be a part of this data science extravaganza, make sure you book your place at DATAx San Francisco on May 14–15, 2019 while fast-selling tickets are still available to purchase.

Check out the full agenda, speaker list and buy your tickets here.

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