Data Scientist...Please clarify.

By Muralidhar (Mur) R., Product Manager, eCommerce at AmerisourceBergen - Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1. Data scientist is a career of big data? 2. What are career prospects for data scientists in US? 3. Is this more 'admin/programming job' than analytics function?


1) No, data scientist aren't exclusive to "big data", and the role predates what we commonly refer to as "big data" 2) Quite good, and not just in the US 3) Better not be - if it is you are talking to the wrong company

By Tom D., Big Data Solution Architecture. Program Director, Big Data Technologies focused on Hadoop / Cassandra and analytics - Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hi Mur, A data scientist is a rather broad title given to high end analysts and forecasters who also undertake end to end data management, mining and other relevant investigations. It involves a lot of mathematics, particularly statistics, but also many skills from the IT and data warehousing trades. A good article on the role of a data scientist was written a few years ago and you can find it on this link. . Also if you chase down Neil Raden on LinkedIn you will find he has a number of articles and blogs about the topic. I classify myself as a data scientist, however, I am no sterio-type. You should find a number of people who have a range of skills who would fill the role quite well. If you go to my profile you will see the sort of experience I have had. All the best in your investigations. Terry

By Terry S., Manager Forecasting re-engineering at Telstra - Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanks Tom and Terry for your valuable insights.

By Muralidhar (Mur) R., Product Manager, eCommerce at AmerisourceBergen - Thursday, November 22, 2012

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