The 10 Worst Big Data Practices

Andrew C. Oliver, July 18, 2014 Comments

Yes, you can have big data. However, you can have it the right way or the wrong way. Here are the top 10 worst practices to avoid.

1. Choosing MongoDB as your big data platform. Why am I picking on MongoDB? I'm not, but for whatever reason, the NoSQL database most abused at this point is MongoDB. While MongoDB has an aggregation framework that tastes like MapReduce and even a (very poorly docu...

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Big Data Practices

Insurers Trawl Big Data For Clues

Alistair Gray, July 17, 2014 Comments

It is the unlikely question that could save your life. Next time a colleague offers you a lift home, ask him if he paid his electricity bill on time.

His insurer will already know the answer. The industry has started quietly trawling customers’ finances and other sources of “big data” after proving that those who are careful with their cash have fewer car crashes.


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Trawling Through Big Data

How The Cloud And Big Data Are Changing Small Business

Rebecca O. Bagley, July 15, 2014 Comments

Big data and the cloud have a profound impact on business operations in almost any industry today, allowing companies of all sizes to more effectively serve customers, perform risk-analyses and create new revenue streams.

In its recent CEO Survey and Technology Forecast, PricewaterhouseCoopers identified these tools, along with mobile and social apps, as transformative technologies that are no...

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The Cloud And Data

Shaping The Future With Big Data: Are We Playing With Fire?

SAP Editorial , July 14, 2014 Comments

The urge to be mobile and make a mark is as old as mankind. Ancient tribes moved around guided by stars, sent sound signals and left their ‘selfies’ on cave walls with colorful palm prints. Today we use GPS to get where we’re going, communicate on a variety of devices and are so obsessed with visuals that it would take an individual more than 5 million years to watch the amount of vi...

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Are We Playing With Fire?

Germany’s 12th Man At The World Cup: Big Data

Steven Norton, July 11, 2014 Comments

As Germany prepares for Sunday’s World Cup final against Argentina, it will have Big Data on its side.

To gain a competitive edge, the team partnered with German software giant SAP AG to create a custom match analysis tool that collects and analyzes massive amounts of player performance data.

The tool, called Match Insights, analyzes video data from on-field cameras capable of ca...

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Germany Using Big Data

5 Ways Big Data Is Changing Real Estate

James O'Brien, July 10, 2014 Comments

Real estate has traditionally been a game won or lost based on old-fashioned networking and shoe-leather style hard work — deeply dependent on timing, detecting trends and more than a little bit of luck.

It may not be that way for much longer, however. Big data is changing the way real-estate professionals, buyers, sellers — and even banks — think about transactions involving...

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Real Estate And Data

Worst Practices

Comments Andrew C. Oliver, July 18, 2014

Big Data and Insurance

Comments Alistair Gray, July 17, 2014

Changing Small Business

Comments Rebecca O. Bagley, July 15, 2014

Big Data's Future

Comments SAP Editorial , July 14, 2014

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